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Rest Ministries Chronic Illness and Chronic Pain Support is honoed to be an affiliate of Joni and Friends International Disability Ministry

Lisa Copen and Rest Ministries Chronic Illness Support Group and hopekeepers YouTube Video about how it all got started

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If you or someone you love lives with chronic illness, Rest Ministries is a place where you will find understanding and compassion. It was founded by Lisa Copen in '97, who lives with rheumatoid arthritis & fibromyalgia. It has thousands who participate in our social forums, groups around the country and more-- all who live with with various illnesses. Plus, nearly 100% of our 250 volunteers live with a chronic illness. Welcome to the family that understands!

You have found people who understand
Join us in the Sunroom, our social group with nearly 1300 members. Or look under "Online Communities - Meet Others" at the left. You will find pen pals, groups for women dealing with illness and depression, people with fibromyalgia, homeschooling moms with illness, a men's group and support for when your spouse with chronic pain is depressed. Yes, there are days you don't want to talk, about your illness, but it's nice to know where to find a compassionate person to listen when you want to!

Don't leave our site without...

The daily devotionals are a wonderful source of encouragement, explaining the daily grind of living with illness, while keeping our focus on the Lord. (Not easy some days and we freely admit that!) And then... get the weekly ezine HopeNotes. You'll find hope, resources, tips, freebies & basically just stay in the loop for everything Rest Ministries.

Hey! What are you doing parking in that blue spot?
If you've ever heard that you understand why we founded National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week. Each September we have a wide variety of special guests that participate in a free online conference. Visit our sister-site for more information on this year's theme, activities, and promotional items. Don't miss this opportunity to help people be more aware of invisible illness.

Our magazine is reaching doctors, pastors, counselors...
and more! HopeKeepers Magazine is now digital and has dobuled in size! Read 18 sample pages for free! Subscription is just $17.97.

hopekeepers Group of Rest Ministries
We have over 300 HopeKeepers groups worldwide
You will find our small group program mostly in churches; some in communities; and even one online. Find out if there is a group near you or consider starting one. Read more about our HopeKeepers program here. You can download a complete information packet, find tons of info online. Check out the HopeKeepers leaders group in the Sunroom.

Our bookstore is what keeps us going financially and we've searched to find some of the best books out there for your journey of living with illness. Lisa has also written a bunch, with the help of some of our devotional writers. Don't miss our HopeKeepers Magazine, books, gifts, jewelry, church resources and our newest Hope Endures-themed items.

Do you need prayer? Who doesn't?

We are here and want to pray for you, especially all that stuff about your illness that maybe you feel your regular prayer group doesn't quite understand. We have over 80 people in our Encourager's Club who receive the prayer requests and will pray for you and may even email you a response. We hope we can offer some comfort and understanding.

New inspiration with Lisa's radio program
Our new Hope Endures Radio Podcasts began winter 2009. Join Rest Ministries founder, Lisa, as she interviews people who will offer both inspiration as well as practical information.

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