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Chronic Illness - Chronic Pain Articles Available to Read and Reprint

Some of Lisa's articles are on other web sites.
Click here for a listing

Articles specified on our web site may be reprinted in their entirety without any changes, and they must include the footer/author's bio/link at the end of the article. Some articles that do not have the blue link (see above) that says [see reprint guideslines] cannot be reprinted, but most of them can be.

They may be used for use as content for your web site, ezine, newsletter, blog, or other publications--hard copy too!

How to do it - choose 1 of 4 ways!

  1. You can copy and paste any article. Here is a list of ALL ARTICLES available for reprint. You may want to check out IdeaMarketers where most of Lisa's articles are becasue they provide an easy-to-cut-and-paste copy too.

  2. You can link to it.

  3. You can get a little box that has Lisa's most recent articles all listed. See what it looks like here. | Get the code for your web site here.

  4. You can insert some code on your web page and Lisa's latest article will appear there automatically whenever she updates it. See what it looks here.| Sign up for Lisa's articles by getting the code here.

  • If you have any questions, please email Lisa Copen. We'd also LOVE to hear about it if you are reprinting it (online or via print) and we will link to your publication.
  • If there is an article you want to reprint that is not yet listed, just email us for permission!





Don't forget! This article can be reprinted for free or syndicate Lisa's new articles.