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Health and Medical Christian Ministries
  • Our Favorite Health Web Sites & Resources
  • Our Favorite Illness -related Web Sites
  • Our Favorite Illness Ministries
  • There are many Christian ministries that are health-related that reach out to people with a variety of objectives. They all have excellent resources and are worth browsing to see tools they have, books they recommend, and more.

    If you are starting an illness ministry in your church these are excellent resources to have available for your church as well as those who attend your group.

    Christian Health and Medical Ministries
    Denominational Health Ministries
    Christian Ministries with Health Resources
    Missionary Resources
    Medical Missions
    Christian Health Ministries

    Family Health Ministries (FHM)
    This organization is a multiethnic, Christian, nonprofit organization dedicated to developing long-term relationships with underserved individuals, families and communities to help themselves in culturally relevant ways. Currently FHM supports programs in maternal and child health, nutrition, education and church development in Haiti and other underserved communities.

    Health Ministries Association
    The mission of HMA is to encourage, support and develop whole-person ministries leading to the integration of faith and health.

    Health Ministry Information Network
    Free international email info. service for those involved in health ministries.

    This is a patient education service brought to you for the purpose of supplying you with a God-centered approach to your physical, mental and spiritual healthcare needs.

    Vibrant Life Magazine
    Check out this Christian health magazine. We think the hard-copy publication has ceased (we're trying to find out) but the online info is still great!

    Denominational Health Ministries

    Lutheran - Global Health Ministries
    Charitable organization that provides medical supplies and funding for Lutheran health care missionaries. Includes several missions related church projects.

    Methodist Healthcare Ministries
    A faith-based, nonprofit organization that was created to provide care through health-related programs.

    Presbyterian National Health Ministries
    Seeks to enable and empower individual Presbyterians, congregations, and governing bodies for the ministry of health.

    Seventh Day Adventist Health Ministries
    Advises the church on health issues and is proactive in providing resources to the world church on health

    The Catholic Health Association
    The Catholic Health Association of the United States (CHA) supports the Catholic health ministry's pursuit of the strategic directions of mission, ethics, and advocacy. As the nation’s largest group of not-for-profit sponsors, systems, and facilities, the ministry is committed to improving the health status of communities and creating quality and compassionate health care that works for everyone.

    United Church of Christ Health Ministries
    Services are in a variety of areas including: Health and Human Service (CHHSM), Health Care Justice, Healthy Connections, HIV and AIDS, Sexuality Education, Disabilities Ministries, Mental Illness Network, Chaplains and Counselors

    Christian Ministries with Haalth Resources
    Lifeway - Health
    LifeWay is a religious nonprofit organization that receives no funding from the denomination and reinvests income above operating expenses in mission work and other ministries around the world.
    Christian Women Today - Health
    Missionary Resources

    Medical Strategic Network
    The Medical Strategic Network is a nondenominational evangelical organization dedicated to equipping health professionals to reach their spheres of influence for Christ.
    Millions of people visit health care providers every year. Yet a credible witness for Jesus Christ is often sadly missing. In many cases Christian health professionals feel ill-equipped to relate the gospel to the questions and concerns of their non-believing colleagues and patients. Designed by professionals for health professionals, METS conferences provide practical, hands on training to more effectively treat patients - both spiritually and physically.

    Global Health Outreach
    GHO leads more than 40 short- term medical mission teams each year to Central America, Africa, Asia and around the world to share the gospel and serve the medical needs of developing countries. A program of Christian Medical Society.

    Caring Partners International
    A world-wide Medical Ministry

    Christian Community Health Fellowship
    Anational network of Christian health professionals and others concerned about the health care needs of the impoverished communities in the United States. We encourage others to live out the gospel through health care among the poor.

    Flying Hospital
    A medical ministry outreach of the Christian Broadcasting Network

    International Health Services
    Training medical professionals to integrate their faith in Jesus into their
    medical practices (Europe and Asia).

    Kardia Healthcare Missions and Ministries

    Map International
    Medical supplies for missions.
    Phone (800) 225-8550

    Medical Missions Arm of A/G church

    Medical Ambassadors International
    Establishes Community Health Programs around the world including evangelism and discipleship.

    Medical Emergency Assistance: Samaritan's Purse World Medical Missions.

    Medical Ministry International
    Serving Jesus Christ by providing spiritual and physical health care in the world of need

    Medical Missions

    Medical Mission Mobilizers
    Mobilizing medical professionals for ministry and missions.

    Medical Missions Training
    King's College, Bristol. TN

    Mercy and Truth Medical Missions

    Mercy Ships
    Combining medical aid and evangelisim around the world

    Mexican Medical Ministries
    Medical Supplies to Medical Missions

    Medical Equipment and Technical Help

    Medical Equipment Missions
    Helps International Ministries
    Technical Exchange for Christian Healthcare (TECH)

    Offers free medical supplies for missions.

    Christian Books of Interest for People with Illness


    Many of our programs are "Sunroom Enhanced" meaning you can find additional social network communities in the Sunroom, as well as the regular program itself. For example there is an email men's group and also men's groups in the Sunroom for additional interaction.