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Wondering how the digital magazine work?
Lisa explains it on this program.


When is the next magazine coming out?
  We're anticipating about mid-March

What does "going digital" mean?

It means that there will not be an actual print copy of the magazine. It will be in an easy to read format on the internet that can be PRINTED OUT. We know this isn't everyone's ideal scenario, but it's better than shutting down the magazine entirely.

We are currently planning on using YUDU as our digital publisher. The Periodical Publishers Association (PPA) recently recognized YUDU Media as the Digital Magazine Delivery Company of the Year at their Magazine Production Awards.

I subscribed in 2008 and just got 1 issue. What now?
  You will get the next 3 issues to fulfill your subscription: April, July, and October

Can I get a refund?
  We have given away a few refunds, but most people have been very understanding. Our ministry is in debt and trying to just keep going one day at a time too. Your subscription price can be counted as a tax-deductible donation. Let us know if you need a letter for your taxes stating this.

I purchased a subscription and it was "buy 1 get 1 free." The person I got it for doesn't have a computer. What do I do?
  We recommend printing it out for him or her. Though it won't be as fancy, you will be able to make the font even bigger, which can also be advantageous. Buy offering "buy 1 get 1 free" we hoped to reach more people, but we didn't make any profit on the magazine. We are unable to make a partial refund.

I'm frustrated! I trusted you and you let me down.
  I am personally so sorry and also disappointed. I know how much impact having an actual magazine can have by handing it to a pastor, a friend, a doctor. Despite the downfall of hundreds of magazines in the last couple of years, we hope to go back to a "hard-copy" format ASAP. That is still my dream. By having a digital format perhaps we can build our readership and also our advertiser base so that this is an option sooner rather than later.

I'm excited to get it! How can I make sure you have my current email address?
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Lisa Copen
Editor, HopeKeepers Magazine
Rest Ministries Founder






Many print magazines are going out of print.
Even LIFE is going
digital in April 2009.
>read more.






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