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HopeKeepers Leaders Info: Resources and Help!

Resources! Where do you even start? We've put together a nice listing of our resources.

We also encourage you to browse through all the pages at the left. There are pages for health ministries, disability ministries, other illness ministries, quality health web sites...pages for parents with ill children or co-workers, pages for kids with ill parents and much more.

Our Top Must-Haves
Vision Statement for Church
Lesson Plan Ideas
Articles of Interest
Publicity Ideas
Invisible Illness Week
Hope Endures Podcasts
The Sunroom
Keep us posted on your group!

Our Top Must-Haves

Vision Statement for Churches
Visit our bookstore frequently to see what's new. We also have our own publishing branch and have new books coming out in 2008. Don't miss our weekly HopeNotes email newsletter and be sure to get our HopeKeepers Magazine.

Read an example Vision Statement that Cindy Andrews wrote up to present HopeKeepers to her church.

Or see a proposal for a church about starting a group

Lesson Plan Ideas Articles of Interest
Ice breakers, discussion topics, etc.
Share yours with us!

Listen to Our 1-hour Program About Support Groups!

Publicity Ideas
Invisible Illness Week

Don't miss this annual outreach event sponsored by Rest Ministries the second week in September (2008 is Sept 8-14th). Besides all the seminars during the week (over the phone this year!) it's a terrific

time to remind your church that nearly 1 in 2 people live with a chronic illness and 96% of illnesses are invsible! Have a special speaker, kick off a HopeKeepers event, have something special for caregivers. We'd love to hear what you have planned!
Hope Endures Podcasts The Sunroom

Hope Endures podcasts are a weekly radio program that you can download to an MP3 or ipod, listen to online, or even call a phone number to listen in. Lisa will be intereviewing all kinds of guests, with both practical tips and inspirational stories in this 30-minute program.

Have you visited the Sunroom yet? This wonderful social network is bringing people together at Rest Ministries from all over the world. You can upload your photos to show people your face or even your newest grandbaby. Share your favorite scripture or song. Or ask questions and encourage one another. You can even find a pen pal. Best of all, for HopeKeeper leaders you can network with others in the GROUP of hk Leaders or just buzz around and see what people's concerns are.
Keep us Posted!
  • Send us brochures, inserts, annoucements about your group that we can post to share with others.
  • Send us articles about your group. What are you doing? How have you grown? What special things do peole do for one another?
  • Is hk listed on your church website? Does your church have a website? Let us know so we can post it! And us your church to link back to us!
  • Send us book/Bible study suggestions that have worked well with your group for us to share with other hk leaders



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